Carla S. Tyree

“Why are you making comics?”

“I see Tbone in a comic format. I think it is because I, myself, learn visually.”

“Why from a Christian POV and why for kids?”

“I want to make something that when a brokenhearted kid needs encouragement, that comic book will be the “get-away place”. A place that will be safe, where they will know there is someone (God) there who loves them and will look out for them.”

“What is your goal in creating this Tbone and Friends world?”

“I have a few goals. One, I want kids to know God’s character better through Tbone and all his experiences he has. How he navigates through life’s challenges by following God’s principles. Two, I want to spread God’s word to children and thirdly, there is so much media out there, misinformation that could lead anyone astray, especially kids that are so  open and innocent to this world. I wish there were alternative comic books and stories that keep a kid a kid, yet teach something inspirational. That’s why I started making Tbone and Friends comics.”


Tbone and Friends is dedicated to creating fun, upbeat cartoons and comics that teach children and the young at heart who God is and what He wants for all of us.

Carla S. Tyree is an illustrator, artist, and comic book creator. She has been working in the creative industry for over 20 years.

The Tbone and Friends series was first published as an independent comic book in 2012. Tbone and Friends Meet a Vampire was the first issue, describing the truth about vampires. 

Tbone and Friends Learn the Secret to Life was created the following year as an adventure graphic novel giving young readers fun, simplistic lesson of Christian beliefs.

Carla is currently working on the Ten Commandment series where each comic book is dedicated to teaching one commandment in Tbone’s lively style. 

Carla currently lives near the beach in South Carolina. She can be found creating, gaming, kayaking, and reading voraciously with her husband and loving cats.