Tbone is your typical blue dog,who tries to be good, but sometimes his curiosity and short attention span gets the best of him.

He is kind of fanatical about his bike,loves skateboarding, sports, and adventure.


Tang is Tbone’s younger brother and partner in fun, though sometimes they fight, they still take care of each other.

He is the “silent” type, but still gets his point across. He loves chocolate, karate, mountain climbing and getting his big brother out of trouble.


Cherry is a friend of Tbone and Tang and loves the color pink.

She can’t help but hangout with Tbone and Tang strictly for entertainment purposes.

Though she is smart and seems to know everything, she still makes some wrong decisions and big mistakes.


Pig has grown up next door to Tbone and Tang and has known them since he was a piglet.

Pig’s favorite thing to do is to eat, loves ice cream, and playing “Go Fish” with his pals.


Bovine is one strong bull and one of Tbone’s best friends.

Though they are good friends, Bovine has quite a temper that causes a lot heartache an quarrels.

Even so, Tbone seems to look past all of Bovine’s anger to the real cow deep inside.


Pedro is a little worm with a big faith. Because he is so small, he has to believe in big…..in God.

He is brave and sweet and will do anything for his family.


Billy is a bulldog with a bossy manner. He tends to prowl the scowl looking for kids to pick on and fights to start.

Though he is a big meanie, there has to be a reason he’s just so darn mean, right?